About the Technological Transitions category

At the Seattle AI Society, we believe that the emergence of AGI presents a unique opportunity to reimagine society and forge a better world for humanity. We focus on the transitions that humanity will go through in order to exist safely alongside AGI. This category focuses on Technological Transitions.

Technological Transitions Themes:

Sustainable Development

  • Eco-Friendly Integration: ASI technologies might be developed with sustainability at their core—minimizing environmental impact while maximizing efficiency across industries.


  • Alignment: How can we ensure AGI systems are aligned with human values and interests?

  • Regulation: How should we ensure continued AGI development is conducted responsibly?

  • Robust Protection: How might we use ASI to fortify and protected against threats through continuous learning algorithms that adapt faster than malicious actors can evolve their tactics.

Human-AI Collaboration

  • Censorship and Bias: In what ways should the output of AI be controlled? Who controls it?
  • Automation: What activity can be automated by technology? Which activities are unique to humans, or should we ensure humans maintain control of?
  • Cognitive Enhancement: Collaborative interfaces between humans and machines may become so seamless that they enhance our cognitive capacities without replacing our role in decision-making processes.