AI Artists: May 11 meetup

Excited to get together with everyone this Thursday at Walton Lofts! We’re going to forego activities and just leave space for anyone who would like to show off any of their recent projects. See you then!

Feel free to post any links, slides, or images to your projects here for others to see before or after.


Thanks for the great meetup Paul, was a great turnout with lots of fun conversations.

@everyone I’ll share a few links here for everyone about topics that were mentioned. Also Youtube is a great resource if you don’t know where to start with each of these.

I think Stablility’s Animation SDK I mentioned is not yet available to the public:

And for those who want to run image generation on their local machine:

Also here’s a must listen to from Kevin Kelly, and a Seattlite Chase Jarvis, .

Scroll to bottom of article to see the 1 hour podcast - worth your time - two very smart, authentic and informed individuals about art, technology and life really.

Have a great weekend!


These are really cool! Thanks for following up with the references @Paul_S !

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:raised_hands:t3::blush: no problem, I’ll try share info more often.

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Thanks for the list. Does someone remember the documentary mentioned? :tv: