AI Community Manager for Discord: Gaming

Hi All - I’m planning to build an AI community manager bot for Discord.

Checking if you have good recommendation and resources to follow?

I’m working for a blockchain gaming guild and we use Discord a lot, we have 40k+ active members and partner with lots of game studios.

Create an AI-based system for community management on Discord. Focus on three main functionalities: bot detection, virtual community member, and insights.

1. Bot Detection: trained to detect and analyze unusual patterns in user activities, effectively identifying bots pretending to be real members.

2. Virtual Community Member: Participate in community discussions, answer FAQs, foster engagement, and drive topic generation and moderation. Specific tasks: match community members, create tournaments, assign guild roles so we can spin off a volunteer roster.

3. Analysts and Insights: Provide insightful data analysis. Build reports on various aspects such as active user count, popular discussion topics, common issues users raise, and the overall community sentiment.

I understand that some of these are trivial or already exists, would be great to build this myself but I’m new to this so need to check what’s out there.

Thanks a lot!

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