AI Hustlers - 4/6/23 Recap

Great seeing everyone tonight who came out to the AI Hustlers meetup! Did a mini-hackathon using only ChatGPT prompts to build some cool stuff. Below is a recap of all of the projects built by the different teams. Links included for the word docs that the teams used, so you can try it out for yourself by copy/pasting it straight into ChatGPT! Please let me know if I got your teams title/description wrong, and i will get that updated!

Feel free to share your thoughts or any pictures of the evening in the comments below! Will be posting more information about the upcoming co-working sessions in the next couple of days

Example from beginning of the event
Example DM App Prompt

Team 1
Career Advice Coach - The coach asks you a three questions to determine what you should be doing as a career. Included in the responses is ‘Developer Mode’ which adds a touch of ‘realism’ (profanities) to the responses

Team 1 - Google Doc Prompt

Team 2
Login Page Creator - Acting as a senior front end developer, this creates the full HTML/CSS/JavaScript that is needed for the front end of a login page. Confetti is even included when logging in :confetti_ball:

Team 2 - Google Doc Prompts

Team 3
Professional Job Finder - All you need is your resume and a job posting, and your own professional job finder will let you know if this position is a good match for you or not. Will even tailor your resume and give you some tips on how to pass that interview you will inevitably get!

Team 3 - Google Doc Prompts

Team 4
Kinect4Genius - Play connect 4 right in your chat interface! After explaining the rules and mechanism of the game, chatGPT quickly creates a workable user interface that you can play connect 4 with up to four other players. Even includes a specific emoji for each player :smiley:

Team 4 - Google Doc Prompts

Team 5
WingBot - Like having a personal wingman in your pocket! Can give you a suggestion of where the best place to meet cool interesting singles is (in the Belltown neighborhood). Once there, simply describe the person or group you are interested in approaching, and WingBot will take it from there!

Team 5 - Google Doc Prompts



Amazing event @tim! Could you also post your Dudgeon Master prompt too? I wanted to try that one out this weekend :wink:

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Thanks Tim!

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Updated the post to include it! I only tested it for a couple of really short adventures, and i am curious to know how long of a game it can ‘remember’ before things start falling apart. But for my short tests it managed to keep track of everyone’s inventory/experience and positions, which was really cool

D&D Dungeon Master Prompt Example


Sick :slight_smile: That’s awesome to know.

Was this using chatgpt? If yeah, was it in within one conversation session?