AI Hustlers - Co-Working Sessions (4/17/23 - 6pm)

Excited to announce that we will be having our first co-working session next Monday (4/17),
@stanmaciag has volunteered to let us use the conference room in his apartment building.
Unfortunately the room can only accommodate 8 people, so we are looking to keep this first session small (if anyone has other bigger venues available please let me know for future sessions!)

The goal of these sessions for now, would be to give people the space (and time!) to work on personal projects while sharing ideas. In the future we are hoping to expand this with more people and hopefully work on something together as an AI Hustler team

Location: South Lake Union (By Denny Way/Lenora, will message specific address)
Date: April 17th, 2023
Time: 6:00pm

Please message me if you are interested and again I apologize for the limited space available. We will look for bigger venues once we get a regular cadence established.


I’d be down for this but work on Monday is going to go pretty late for me. Let me know next time you organize!

sure will let you know! we will also try out different days for future sessions based on people’s availability. Next week was just a special circumstance where the only day I had available was Monday. so definitely let me know your availability for future sessions!

I’m quitting my job and my last day will be about two weeks from now, so I’ll be very available :slight_smile:

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: thats exciting
best time to start working on your own thing then!

I have dinner plans with my sister but I’ll check in to see how late ya’ll are going. If I can’t make this one, I’ll definitely come to another.

I have two nice lounges at my apartment building that accommodate 30-100+ people, so we can check those out in the future too.

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Im not currently working on any projects, but I would just love to join and meet people in the space.

Do I need to be working on something to join.

No current projects required! Just a space for people to share ideas and get some inspiration for new projects even

If you are able to make it message me your number and I will send you the details!

Hey Tim, I was considering stopping by today as well, please let me know if there’s space available.


Hi Alex, yes for sure! Will message you the details :+1:


How’d it go?