AI Robotics Events

I went to an AI meetup-like event in Tokyo last night. Mostly people working on robotics, but some LLMs and lots of enthusiasm.

Does anyone know people working on AI and robotics in Seattle? It would be great to have someone come talk about how that space is changing and what types of technologies they are using.

Also, there was a Robot taking plates away at breakfast this morning!

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That sounds like a dream event, @brig_mecham ! I don’t know of anyone specifically in Seattle, but I do know there are many demos on Youtube of “I put GPT in my robot and now…”. The ability of these LLMs to be trained on data other than literature (programming code, APIs, genome sequences, etc.) is just getting started, so I expect the applications in robotics to continue to expand.

Minsoo Lee, who has developed a low-cost Tesla-like AutoPilot as an addon to vehicles came to our last Meetup. He (like Tesla) uses transformers as a core technology of his product and might know of additional people in Seattle in this space.

I’d ask Rachael (Rachel?) at a meetup if seen around. Rach(a)el has a lot of interest and experience in robotics and I would imagine has information on people in the area working with it in combination with AI.