AI Voiced Audio Dramas

Hello, everyone,

My name is Levi, and I showed up at my first AI enthusiasts meet-up last Thursday, where I shared some of the AI stuff I have created. Among my wares were a deep-fake Eminem rap song and a one-page digital comic made using AI art.

But my primary exhibition, which was also prohibitively long, was an audio drama made using AI-generated voices.

It takes the form of a Batman fan-production, where I used music from Batman films and video games, free public domain sound effects from Zapsplat, and the software PlayHT to create a fan-audio drama dramatizing the Batman comic book mythos, with my own fresh take on it. Three episodes, each about twenty minutes in length, have been produced are are currently on YouTube. More are in production, and I have plans for the long-haul.

Here is a link to a playlist collecting the first few episodes:

The chief vice of this venture is that, well, it’s fan-fiction. It is by its nature incapable of being monetized, and I imagine it will stay that way. Legendary screenwriter William Goldman wrote that all adaptations are a labor of love. I hesitate to guess what Goldman would say about something like this.

At any rate, I remain optimistic and enthusiastic about the potential of AI technology to expand and democratize artistic work, going beyond just logistical and economic concerns. Accordingly, I humbly submit my work to you, fellow enthusiasts, for your insight and feedback.

Best wishes,

Levi Sweeney

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