Finally, others are talking about what SAIS came together to explore!

Eric Horvitz, the Chief Architect at Microsoft, in his words:

"…we invited 20 experts, with specialties encompassing a broad spectrum—spanning the fields of business, economics, education, engineering, health, history, law, mathematics, medicine, psychology, and the sciences—to explore the capabilities of GPT-4 and provide their insightful reflections in the form of essays. We offered three case studies to the contributors at the outset to inspire ideas and asked them to focus on two core questions:

  • How might this technology and its successors contribute to human flourishing?

  • How might we as society best guide the technology to achieve maximal benefits for humanity?

I’m looking forward to reading it, and would love to hear any of your thoughts if you do, too.

AI Anthology | Microsoft Unlocked


I found this one most interesting (though I only glanced few a handful):

I do extensive journaling but it’s very train-of-thought and disorganized and sometimes using voice to text and it makes it hard to meaningfully review past entries/months and get actionable information out of it or see trends. It would be really helpful to have AI analyze all of these entries and provide me information/trends or ask meaningful questions/encourage specific mindfulness exercises based on what it reads.

I think it’d also be useful for reviewing texting logs with a given person in my life and have it provide feedback on the dynamic I have with that friend. Could I be a better friend? Are they demonstrating behavior that’s unfair to me but I have a hard time recognizing it? Am I asking too much or putting too much on them? Did I fail to address something meaningful?

I think all this combined over the years could also provide positive reinforcement: look how far you’ve become, this time 4 years ago you were miserable and lonely and you made a ton of progress, etc.

An area that would also need more thought in terms of ensuring consent, but also recording in-person conversations/dates and having it review transcripts for the same purposes. At that point it’s getting a little Black Mirror though.

This is really great. I want to build this.