Generative Movie Models

I have been creating a list of AI models that can be used for various tasks of the filmmaking process.

Here is my project

Here is a YouTube playlist of some of these models

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THis is a great presentation Ernie, very cool.

This is absolutely the direction I’m heading in. Virtual production when it makes sense.

Love the facial prediction mesh, hadn’t seen that yet.

I have no experience with UE but I did take a certificate course in Unity XR Dev to get a grasp on Unity XR workflow. Although I know UE is becoming the industry standard for big budgets.

Fascinating stuff and something I am working on as well with Video Production.

The client videos I’m currently using has VO and I’ve used for all of it.

I’ve also used chatGPT collab on scripts with me as well as music lyrics as I am also a musician.

But to be able to have an AI assited production for the entire video production process would be amazing. Would love to collab!

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Movie generation thread w/ desc of toolchain.

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