Image Generation Tools

A lot of people asked what I was using for image generation:

Also here is a great resource for all sorts of AI image generation tools. It goes deep :wink:

You can find Pharmapsycotic on twitter as well. Many AI art people congregate on twitter spaces to share knowledge.

All the best!


And if you feel like this is over your head Olivio is really good at walking people through these things:

These are some of the resources I use and I’m not affiliated with any of them. There is plenty out there.


This is really great, @Paul_S. Thanks for linking! I’m also interested in your experience with creating consistent images/characters between runs like we were talking about last night, too. I’ll create a separate thread for that.

MidJourney 5 is now available via a flag (–v 5). There’s an amusing video about it at Midjourney 5 must be stopped at all costs - YouTube


Prompter – Prompter Guide

I have found this tool pretty helpful as a newbie using Midjourney

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Love this, looks a lot of thought and work was put into this. Epic. Thanks for sharing.

I hear this was just “released” (in beta) yesterday or so:

I also heard that it was “ethically sourced” - that the model was trained on “open source” and copyright-expired (public domain - as in true public domain, not just “it’s on the internet”) imagery.
Also heard that it uses Stable Diffusion behind the scenes. I have not verified any of these claims, but thought they were worth mentioning.