Interested in seeing Art? NFT Seattle Art Museum this Saturday, May 13

There might be some AI art during this exhibition, there may not be, but Seattle NFT Museum does support AI artists work with a focus on NFT’s.

The upcoming exhibition, “Subconscious Bloom” is an exploration of the relationship between the mind and the brain.

Our synaptic networks are capable of creating the physical realities we experience. Ideas shape our world, from belief systems to social innovations. This exhibition raises questions about the impact of technology on the moral and ethical bounds of human life. As rational entities such as AI begin to operate beyond the complexity of the human brain, we are left with questions about who, or what, may shape our potential for change.

The collection of NFT artworks in “Subconscious Bloom” explores the intersections of science and technology, along with spirit and cosmos. These visual stories invite audiences to participate in shaping our collective future by expanding the mind.