Intro to generative AI Do-It-Yourself workshop

In Feb this year I was so excited about generative AI that I hosted a learnings night around it. Although things have changed a lot, I find the deck still relevant in most cases so I’m posting here. Hope this creates a general mental framework for folks to look from outside-in.

Emerging AI Technologies Learnings Night

Would you like a overview of generative AI and get your feet wet in chatgpt, midjourney, and DALL-E-2? Do you like to learning about examples and applications for generative AI? These slides provide basic tutorials, use cases, prompt examples, market disruptions, and all kinds of trivia about them.

Going through this deck takes about 30m and should be very helpful for folks who are interested but not actively engaged in AI to gain general knowledge. Hope y’all like it. :wink: Cheers!


Cool, thanks Ryan :slight_smile:

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