Looking to Hire a Developer

Hello Hustlers! I am looking to hire a full stack developer at my web3/AI startup, Forum3. I am planning to launch our MVP web app in August, so looking for someone local to Seattle who is ready to hustle with me this summer. No AI experience necessary, but hope to work with someone who is curious, driven, solid attention to detail, and fun. We’re a small team of 7 and have an office space in downtown Kirkland where we work together. Let me know if you or someone you know is interested. We’re looking to hire within the next few weeks.


Hey Mav - if you have time, could you give us a super quick description of the web app you’re looking to build, and how AI integrates with it?

Here’s gist:

Our team at Forum3 architected the new Starbucks Odyssey program that utilizes blockchain to elevate their existing Rewards program by adding a layer of gamification, community, storytelling, and ownership in the form of NFTs. Here’s a 2-min demo.

Through Odyssey’s launch, our team has learned about what is most compelling to both fans (consumers) and the marketing directors at large companies that are trying to launch new loyalty programs like this. We have since raised a round of funding and are ready to begin building our own Forum3 Tech Platform.

Our vision for the Forum3 Tech Platform is a no-code tool for brands to build their own story-driven loyalty program (forum3.com/BrandX) where their fans can complete Quests to earn points, digital collectibles, and other rewards, similar to Odyssey.

We are essentially “productizing” Odyssey to make it easier for smaller brands to create something as substantial as Starbucks. We intend to use AI in a variety of ways including ideas for gamification elements and generative AI for co-creation style activities between brands and their fans.

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Sounds interesting. I wish I had the back-end experience to consider myself a full-stack dev. The BrandX link appears to be broken (404) btw.

Thank you! And yeah, that BrandX link is just an example. We haven’t built anything yet.