Mar 30: Thinkers Chapter meetup

So great to have a full house last Thursday at the Seattle AI Society: Thinker’s Chapter! We debated the pro and cons of the recent call for an AI moratorium.

Thanks for how engaged everyone was. A majority continued the discussion at The Rendezvous after, and it was great seeing so many people meeting one another and such lively discussions about AI.

Here’s the video of our panel debate. Feel free to share your thoughts on the evening or post some pics from the event here.



What an incredible evening!

Tagging @Human Lily to this post so she can access the video :arrow_up::arrow_up:

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Thanks for putting the event together!


Big shots take on Friday - LeCunn, Ng -

We can see how well we did in summarizing the pros/cons. :slight_smile:

Ensuring AI safety
Coordinating governance
Addressing ethical and social impacts

Financial motivates of authors
Fallacy of predicting AI as an existential threat
The potential for bad actors to take advantage
Potential benefits of AI systems should not be ignored

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A summary of LeCun’s key points, as interpreted from my perspective:

  1. R&D and product domains differ significantly.
  2. LLMs are far from achieving AGI, and continuing AI research does not risk an “AI escape.”
  3. Government regulation should be considered for potentially harmful public products, such as cars, airplanes and perhaps LLM/AI products.
  4. Regulating technology research is impractical.
  5. Historical examples show that technologies enhancing human intelligence, like the printing press, have driven progress and enlightenment.
  6. Addressing and minimizing the negative societal impacts of these technologies is a reasonable endeavor.
  7. Transparency is essential in research, while products need not be fully transparent.
  8. OpenAI’s lead in LLM development is temporary.