Meet the Generative AI Team - Blockade Labs

Looks like an interesting meetup at Fremont Brewing this Friday at 7pm

Description copied from event:

After a successful San Francisco meetup we’ve decided to organizing one in Seattle.

Look out for the Green Jackets at Fremont Brewing Company! These are the Blockade Labs Team.

We will be around Fremont Brewing Company between 7:00PM to 11:00PM discussing work on our product Skybox Lab ( as well as our future features and ideas to build compelling generative AI worlds.

You should attend if you met us at our Blockade Labs AI Mixer event or if you are an existing Skybox creator.

We welcome those who are currently building VR/AR/XR products that require images (like the Anime Space Needle one in the cover)

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This looks cool - anyone up for going?
@tim @payne @Paul_S @Gabriel_Alejandro @brynn @Nexlen

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I RSVPd and have it on my calendar, maybe 50/50 if I show up. Depends on how tired I am :slight_smile:

haha I hear you on that!

I registered too

I should be able to make this. Looks like it might align with one of my projects of building digital twins in the South Pacific.


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I’m interested but won’t be able to make it due to other plans. I’d be interested in hearing what you who do make it out to the event think of it.

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JFYI for those coming to this tonight:

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Thanks Mav!

Heading over soon

Gotta head out but good to see you guys and meet you Paul!

Paul/Mav feel free to DM me the work you’re looking for help on and I’ll see if it’s something up my alley.

See you guys at the next AIS meeting!

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Pleasure to meet you too Brynn!

Well, that was a fun night. :slight_smile: