Metzger on Yudkowsky

Perry Metzger has been tweeting a lot of stuff about Eliezer Yudkowsky (and especially Yudkowsky’s writings from the SL4 and AGI lists back in the early 2000s, which some of us still recall) that might of interest to people here:

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Yudkowsky has been around forever. I must have first one across him in Damien Broderick’s “The Spike” in 1998(!): The Spike (book) - Wikipedia. Broderick very much presents Yudkowsky has the wunderkind of singularitarianism. The problem with being a prodigy is that you don’t say young for long…

Interesting stuff, @pmcray . I’ve followed them. Beyond thought experiments, are any of these folks attached to projects actively working in this space?

MIRI have apparently managed to raise quite a lot of money over the years, but one of the Metzger’s points is that it is very unclear what they have done with it all. Certainly, they don’t seem to have published much or be associated with any of the significant industry players or be doing research that is related to the mainstream of current A(G)I development with foundational models as opposed to more symbolic approaches.

But if they have raised so much money, that would seem to imply that there might be some influence somewhere. Their website doesn’t offer a lot of clues: