My new AI project - you're invited!

Hey everyone, I’ve been working on a simple, yet I hope delightful AI project that you can all try out. The idea came from @Mav, so I’ll probably have to give her some equity some day :rofl:.

It’s very simple. Text 855-495-2634… just say “hi” or something. You’ll be taken through a quick onboarding where you can say your name, what kinds of texts you want to receive, and how frequently. Then, the bot will start sending you texts. That’s it!

Need inspiration? Reminders? Motivation? Encouragement? Just tell the bot and it will start sending you messages as often as you’d like.

This is a mashup of Twilio for text messaging and GPT-3.5 as the natural language model.

There are bugs and I’m currently fixing a few, but your usage will help me find and fix more.

If you use it, do give me any feedback you have, positiive or negative, here. Was it useful? Did it work? Was it easy to understand? What did you like and not like? What else do you wish it could do?

I’m excited to let everyone try it out.


Wow! Sweet, I’ll have to test it out :sparkles:

Texted number but no response. (855) 495-2634

Hmm… try again? Still fixing some bugs.

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Ok. Up and running now (I need to get a test framework going here next).

Just tried it too, no response.

Good grief… I’ve been struggling with not having it crash. I put in some more exception handling. It’s CURRENTLY up. :rofl: