OpenAI CEO Sam Altman & other Tech leaders testify before Congress


Did anyone watch this and have takeaways?

I caught about 2 hours of the 4.

Some things I came away with:

  • IBM et al feel that misinformation will be the primary problem we’ll soon have and that we should be placing our energies into ways that help identify artificially created media
  • Aside from being a pretty smart dude, Sam Altman appears to care about the future and how regulating AI is a necessity
  • Lawmakers and CEOs both agree that a regulatory body overseeing AI Space is reasonable and needed (how, and with whom it can be done is a bit trickier as law-makers fear potential Regulatory Capture). Additionally this is to also help prevent monopolization of AI
  • The 6 month moratorium letter to stop all AI work is an unreasonable request. Perhaps it can be applied to deployment of new tech, but research will continue as no one can truly enforce this ‘call to action’ or ‘tech decree’ or whatever you want to call it.
  • The lack of AI reliability (ie. hallucinations) and its widespread use places people at risk to receive bad advice (like when AI tells you to divorce your wife and marry it instead?)
  • Law markers still don’t understand the significance of this technology (ie Josh Hawley saying he needs to introduce new laws to allow for easier suing of large tech corporations)