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I might be interested in this if someone wants to be on my team that helps out on some of the execution but does all of the pitch :slight_smile: I don’t especially want to work on my pitching skills.

I would want to develop something that integrates with the OpenAI API and applies it to something unorthodox. I am comfortable leading and doing most of the technical work.

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I might be interested, would love to hear your thoughts. Maybe next AI meetup?

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I’m interested. Can do pitching :grin:

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I still need to see if I am available on the 23rd, but I did the first one last month and it was a lot of fun. And met some pretty cool people working in the AI space as well. We had a 4 person team which was perfect :ok_hand:

I will promote it this Thursday during AI Hustlers and see what the interest is!


I see a dream team forming!


I’m in ! Also I can help w/ or do the pitch.

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I am 100% in!

Let’s do this.
I’ve got a few ideas in mind as well.

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dream team for sure.

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I would love to join if it would be useful. I can do some UX and wireframing

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do we each need to register? anyone taking the lead on this?

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Yeah we all register individually then I think we tell them our team members same-day when we get there. I think the premise for a lot of people is to form a team when they get there so we might by outliers by doing it ahead of time. I’ll register when the 23rd is a little close. So far they’ve only sold 5 tickets in the past two weeks so it’s not selling out fast or anything.

Worth noting that the winning team gets a “formal interview” with partners at Allen Institute for AI, which typically invests about $500k in their picks. It may make sense to pick a project that they’d be interested in. From their mission:

conducting high-impact AI research and engineering in service of the common good

And their main focus areas for the incubator itself:

  • task-centric AI (tooling to make producers more productive)

  • foundation model ops (making training on existing models easier/faster/cheaper)

  • domain specific foundation models (changing the model to accommodate trainings that are different in structure than general purpose ones)

  • generative AI (sort of vague)

  • other (also vague)

Most of their companies: AI2 Incubator: Our Companies

are in the first category and several are applying AI to sort of boring data analytics challenges and using large data sets to improve a business’s performance metrics. Examples are reducing doctor/nurse time per patient in ICUs with data analysis of emergency alarms, summarizing public user feedback for a product, providing remote patient care, making call centers more efficient, AI speech coach, personal assistant, and some sales-y things.

I don’t really find any of these interesting and they seem sort of like boring safe bets that an unimaginative VC would pick. So maybe I’m convincing myself to not care about picking a project to cater to what they’d be interested in :slight_smile:


Hey Brynn how’s it going, my name is Matias. I agree with your point. Maybe we can expand their investment ideas, create something useful/not boring. Not sure exactly where to proceed with this thought process though. The question here would be if they are willing to invest in something that is out of their normal investing criteria. That’s a hard one to know thought.

Also for everyone planning on attending, i have a 50% off discount code since I attended the first one.
Pretty sure it is not limited to 1 time use, so feel free to use when signing up!

Code: Hackathon50


Will ya’ll be at the Artists meet up this Thursday? We could start to brainstorm then? I’m excited…


Did anyone do the hackathon?