Seattle Tech Week

Lots of events going on. Anyone going to these?

Seattle Tech Week 2023 – GeekWire

I just added myself to the waitlist for the Madrona kickoff at Sam’s Tavern. Says they have 400 people signed up, so I’ll prob. go down there even if they don’t get me off the waitlist.

@brig_mecham Madrona Biotech Breakfast (Seattle Tech Week) – GeekWire Events Calendar

I’m waiting for approval on the Google AI event. However, I’m waitlisted for the Climate Tech Happy Hour the same day and the Software for Science event looks interesting, too. I hope I can participate in at least one of those.

Btw, If we want to drive attendance up and spread awareness, one quick way is to add Seattle AI society to the Seattle Tech Week Event roster.

Yeah… that would have been good. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: