Stanford's "AI Index"

BIG report out from Stanford on the state of AI.


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I wanted to understand the data better that influenced #10. I thought it was really interesting that the US was so massively pessimistic about AI (35% feel positive in US compared to top country at 78%). The likely reason behind this makes that observation much less interesting. From the full report:

Online samples in Brazil, Chile, mainland China, Colombia, India, Malaysia,
Mexico, Peru, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and Turkey tend to be more
urban, educated, and/or affluent than the general population.

So basically the responses on this survey are mostly showing how wealthy and educated the respondents are rather than how similarly educated/wealthy people feel across countries.

It’s disappointing that an organization whose only mission is to run surveys puts out results like this.

I have too much time this morning apparently and I was frustrated enough to demonstrate this. There’s an inverse relationship between % of respondents positive about AI and the total % of population that has access to the internet in that country. I put this together in Excel to show this.


in any case I believe negative connotation of AI is driven by fear. Fear is created in many ways. Interesting results :slight_smile:

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Agreed that correlation isn’t causation. And it could be that higher access to internet means you consume a lot more info about AI, which tends to be negative and clickbaity. But this still isn’t really meaningful to show if the point is to show differences between countries.

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Awesome :slight_smile: