Vesperence (the feeling of being in a liminal space?)

I appreciate the thought this Redditor put into defining (and coining!) a sentiment that many of us have share in the AI Society.

"Vesperance (n.): The solitary emotion of wistful recogniton of the present as a fading era, tinged with anticipation for an unrecognizable, transformative future.

"Vesperance is that bittersweet moment when you’re driving through your quiet college town, windows down, and the air feels thick with possibility. It’s the golden hour of an era, and you’re acutely aware that you’re riding the last rays of a setting sun. You look around and see the world in the simplicity of the now, cognizant of the tectonic shifts on the horizon. And in that instant, you’re both a poet and a prophet. You feel a sense of loss for this beautiful, imperfect world that doesn’t even know it’s already a memory. Yet, there’s a thrill, a pulse of electric anticipation for the unfathomable future that’s rushing toward you. Vesperance is the emotional echo in that liminal space, where the nostalgia for what’s behind you is tinged with the exhilarating unknown of what lies ahead. It’s not just an emotion; it’s a narrative, a story where you’re both the reader and the protagonist, caught in the poignant pause between chapters, unable to resist turning the page.

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I loved this post and have had this feeling on and off since last year, sometimes quite intensely. Reading “the coming wave” right now and it’s not helping! :joy:

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