Wave 1 concerns: Immediate impacts of generative AI towards creatives

A small group at last week’s Seattle AI Society meetup discussed the potential near-term (“First Wave”) impacts of AI for creators. Notes from that session:

The initial prompt:
Can these models be creative? Will our societal expression become prosaic, bland, without flavor or taste? Will “premade” stories and music be needed if people have works generated for them on command?

  • Beetles mix up with far-side moon.
  • The movie and music industry is already bland.
  • Music is going to be amazing.
  • The human element of creativity how we connect emotionally. Music has been redone and redone. Reference to the user being able to be creative.
  • How come I can put my own mashup of how I create it?
  • We’ve already seen it happen with photos–but Instagram.
  • What happens when making apps is instantaneous and users can do it at will?
  • Creativity is still the currency as it always has been.
  • The mayo is already here.
  • Where creativity meets legal.
  • Is promoting creativity?
  • Artist chapter: Generate a children’s book.
  • !! Gardening with Uncle Gabe with Tio Gabo. !!
  • Starting tearing up reading the last few lines.
  • Can AI be a cheerleader or coaching?
  • Legal discussions.
  • Entertainment industry will get crushed.
  • Removing the gate keepers.
  • GPT on a tablet - Diamond Age.
  • If I could generate my own super bowl.