Wave 2 concerns: system disruption with new forms of interaction

During our Feb 16 Seattle AI Society’s Thinkers chapter meetup, a group of attendees discussed the following topic. If you were part of this group, please add some notes on what you talked about. If you weren’t, feel free to discuss here, anyway!

Prompt: Concerns related to system disruption with new forms of interaction:

  • How much of our current work consists of ingesting information, synthesizing, and transforming it for other audiences (people and systems). What will society be like without these roles? What roles will replace them?
  • The Internet made transmission almost instantaneous and storage almost limitless creating major societal shifts. Today, generating and transforming content will similarly become almost instantaneous, removing the time-lags that have, until now, been inherent. What will a society look like when the entire system now runs almost instantaneously, 24 hours a day?
  • If we integrate and automate all our systems, removing humans from the loop, how can we make our systems safe? What are the failure modes?