Wave 3 concerns: AI interacting with other AI and the physical world

During our Feb 16 Seattle AI Society’s Thinkers chapter meetup, a group of attendees discussed the following topic.

Prompt: There are many concerns with AI interacting with other AI and the physical world:

  • Will AI generate its own non-human language?
  • Do the emergent properties of VLLM include reasoning?
  • Will these models develop “will”?
  • How will critical thinking skills in society evolve if people are no longer required to read, write, or think on most issues?
  • If most communication is moderated by AI, will we become even more isolated?

As we discussed, we centered on three general concerns:

  1. Job loss and the economics of the future.
  2. The threat of superintelligence.
  3. Finding meaning in a post-work world (created a thread for this here)

Thanks for a great discussion start. Let’s keep it going!