Welcome to the Seattle AI Society

Welcome to the Seattle AI Society discussion board! We hope this becomes a place for connection and discovery for many years to come.

What we’re about

Join us in exploring the various impacts of artificial intelligence (AI) on technology, business, relationships, creativity, and society. You’ll find us playing games, sharing stories, generating new ideas, and mitigating each other’s existential dread. We welcome individuals with diverse backgrounds and industries, regardless of technical knowledge.

:dart: Goals:

  • Have fun and connect with other AI enthusiasts
  • Learn from diverse perspectives
  • Explore professional opportunities in the AI space
  • Attract and develop AI thought leaders
  • Share collective insights and learnings

:heartpulse: Values:

  • Curiosity: Bring an open-minded, curious approach to discussions and be open to change
  • Collaboration: Foster teamwork and seek collective solutions and insights
  • Civility: Maintain a respectful and inclusive tone when hearing differing perspectives

:classical_building: Chapters:
The AI Society is divided into four Chapters, each with their own monthly event. Participate in one or every Chapter. Chapters will come together on a bi-annual basis.

  • AI Hustlers: Network and discuss AI business ideas and advancements.
  • AI Socialites: Use AI to enhance fun social activities.
  • AI Artists: Share and discuss the use of AI in creative arts.
  • AI Thinkers: Explore philosophical, political, and social impacts of AI.

Join the SAIS in person at any of our meetups. Sign up on our Meetup group: Seattle AI Society (Seattle, WA) | Meetup