Who wants a Star Trek Night?

Hi all,

Last meeting, there was some interest in watching some episodes of Star Trek (TOS, TNG, etc.) related to AI. On the optimistic side, there’s the episode “The Measure of a Man” where Capt. Picard must prove that the android Data has the right to self-determination. On the pessimistic side, there is the Borg, who are one of Starfleet’s most terrifying foes because they force other species to assimilate into cybernetic beings with no free will of their own. Perhaps we could spend a night or two watching some of these episodes.

@payne I think you mentioned a possible venue. If we are able to stream it, I can stream the episodes with my Paramount+ subscription.

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I’m in! I think @Kctclark mentioned she has a projector and a screen… we could think about setting up on my roof… or in the library… or if a small enough group in my apartment!

This sounds fun! I also have a small projector but it mostly only works in very dark environments. No screen but it works well against a white wall. I also have Star Treks on my Plex server as a backup.

Ok… let’s get this on the books! i have a big white wall in my apartment at Walton Lofts.


I’m in! Sounds fun! Discovery had a whole story arc about AI that was fun but that would be too much for one sitting.

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I am definitely in and would be happy to bring my projector and screen (easy to hang on any flat surfaces or tie to).

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How about Friday night? We can announce it on Thu?

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I’ve also thought about doing an AI movie series, so maybe we can host regularly, like once a month?


I don’t think Friday can work for me, but Saturday or Sunday could work.

Actually I’m available Friday evening now if this happens

Ack!! I can’t do Friday now. Maybe next Friday?

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that should work too

I think it’ll be fun. I love the idea of AI movie night or Star Trek.

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Great to see the enthusiasm! Looking forward to next Friday!

@brynn How about we go with your Plex server? Unfortunately, Paramount+ charges extra for the “ad-free” experience.

in for next Friday as well if it happens

Ok. So, definitely on for this Friday. I’m really excited!! I’m waiting to hear from a friend whether or not we can use their movie room in their apartment building (Insignia). Otherwise, we’ll set up in my apartment… which can comfortably host 6-10? Or if it’s a good night, we can set up on the roof.

Will you all RSVP here?

bummed to be missing this, just made some plans to be out of town starting this Thursday – look forward to the next one as I was hoping to show y’all the Star Trek AI project I’ve been working on these past few months.

Will check back in to see how it went, hope everyone has a blast.


I’m in for this Friday. If we want to wait till the sun goes down, my projector is great for outside. I have a screen that can be suspended or we can project onto a wall. I will bring it for availability in any case. See you all on Thursday!

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I’m in! Let me know if you need my Paramount+ to cast the episodes.

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